Sermon Series: A Christian Community

Sermons based on the early chapters of Acts.

Part 1: 8th May 2022
A Christian Community is Created

Acts 2:38-47 — Preacher: John Thompson

Part 2: 22nd May 2022
A Community defined by compassion and power to transform

Acts 3:1-10 — Preacher: John Thompson

Part 3: 29th May 2022
Sometimes you've just got to surrender in to God

Acts 3:1-9; 4:1-17 — Preacher: Peter Cousins

Part 4: 5th June 2022
A Community of courage

Acts 4:13-31 — Preacher: John Thompson

Part 5: 12th June 2022
A Community working it out in awe, wonder and worship

Acts 4:31-37 — Preacher: John Thompson

Part 6: 26th June 2022
A Community with accountability and grace

Acts 5:1-11 — Preacher: John Thompson

Part 7: 3rd July 2022
A Community with a message of hope and healing

Acts 5:12-21 — Preacher: John Thompson

Part 8: 10th July 2022
A Community defining themselves in the light of the resurrection

Acts 5:17-42 — Preacher: Donald Poirot

Part 9: 17th July 2022
A Community organised for growth

Acts 6:1-7 — Preacher: John Thompson

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