Services at Penrallt

Most of our services at the moment are in a hybrid format, with a congregation in the building and others joining us on Zoom. See below for details of this week's service.

Services are at 10:30am on Sunday mornings except where otherwise noted. It is not currently necessary to book places for our services but please note the following Covid restrictions and recommendations that are in place:

  • You should not attend if you are displaying Covid symptoms or have tested positive for Covid in the last 5 days.
  • Please do a lateral flow test if possible before attending any service or group activity.
  • Face masks are no longer compulsory for most indoor public activities, including our services.
  • Please aim to arrive between 10:15 and 10:30am and find yourself a seat. Refreshments will be served at the end of the service; you are welcome to stay and chat, but please give people a few minutes to leave if they want to before you start mingling.
  • Please bring a drink and a cough sweet with you, as well as sufficiently warm clothes, as the building will be well ventilated.

This Sunday, 26th June, the sermon will be A Community with accountability and grace (Acts 5:1–11; preacher: John Thompson).

This is a communion service. Communion will be served in a covid-safe manner to those in the building. If you are joining us on Zoom you will need your own bread and wine (or equivalent) to fully take part.

We have also restarted our evening services and will be trying a variety of formats over the coming weeks. See our June newsletter for more information about the evening services this month.

Recent online services are available here:

For older online services dating back to March 2020, please see our sermons archive. There you will also find links to sermon videos from these services, audio recordings dating back as far as 2008, and notes or slides for some sermons. Note that not all sermons were recorded.

Most of the service, sermon and reading videos from our online services are also available on our YouTube channel.

Find out what we have been singing recently by looking at our songs database.

Online Fellowship Morning Service at Penrallt