Sermon Series: Evangelistic Sermons

A series of evangelistic sermons based on gospel verses.

Part 1: 3rd September 2017
The Challenge of Christianity

Mark 10:26-27 — Preacher: Freddy Farias-Palacios

Part 2: 10th September 2017
The Narrow Door

Luke 13:22-30 — Preacher: Deb Stammers

Part 3: 17th September 2017
The Saviour of the World

John 4:41-42 — Preacher: Freddy Farias-Palacios

Part 4: 24th September 2017
So how can we believe?

John 5:44 — Preacher: Freddy Farias-Palacios

Part 6: 8th October 2017
Nothing is impossible with God

Luke 1:26-38 — Preacher: Deb Stammers

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