Sermon Series: Hosea

Part 1: 1st September 2013
The Preacher and the Prostitute

Hosea 1 & 3 — Preacher: Peter Cousins

Part 2: 15th September 2013
How can I give you up? Try to see it God's way

Hosea 4 — Preacher: Peter Cousins

Part 3: 22nd September 2013
Pressing on to know the Lord? Are you sure you want to?

Hosea 5:13-6:10 — Preacher: Peter Cousins

Part 4: 29th September 2013
It was not meant to be like this. Sorting out a broken relationship with God

Hosea 11:1-11 — Preacher: Peter Cousins

Part 5: 13th October 2013
Time to break up fallow ground

Hosea 10:11-12 — Preacher: Peter Cousins

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