Sermon Series: Meal with Jesus

Accounts in Luke's gospel of meals that Jesus attended, based on the book "A Meal with Jesus" by Tim Chester.

Part 1: 21st February 2016
Eating with Jesus

Luke 5:27-32 — Preacher: Deb Stammers

Part 2: 28th February 2016
Meals are enacted community - The woman and the Pharisees

Luke 7:36-50 — Preacher: James Goodman

Part 3: 6th March 2016
Meals are enacted hope - The feeding of the 5000

Luke 9:10-20 — Preacher: Neil Rymer

Part 4: 13th March 2016
Meals are enacted mission - At the Pharisee's house

Luke 14:1-24 — Preacher: Ken Sykes

Part 5: 20th March 2016
Meals are enacted salvation - The Last Supper

Luke 22:7-30 — Preacher: Bob Woods

Part 6: 27th March 2016
Meals are enacted promise - The road to Emmaus

Luke 24:13-35 — Preacher: Roger Borlace

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