Sermon Series: Parables of Jesus

A selection of parables from the gospels.

Part 1: 3rd January 2016
The Rich Man & Lazarus

Luke 16:19-31 — Preacher: Bryan Collis

Part 2: 10th January 2016
The Prodigal Father

Luke 15:11-32 — Preacher: Neil Rymer

Part 3: 17th January 2016
The Good Samaritan: On the messy road to the kingdom of heaven

Luke 10:25-37 — Preacher: The A-Team

Part 4: 24th January 2016
The Parable of the Gold Coins

Luke 19:12-27 — Preacher: Jon Stammers

Part 5: 31st January 2016
Trouble at the Vineyard

Luke 20:9-19 — Preacher: Deb Stammers

Part 6: 7th February 2016
The workers in the vineyard

Matthew 20:1-15 — Preacher: Roger Borlace

Part 7: 14th February 2016
The farmer went out to sow - sow what?

Mark 4:1-20 — Preacher: Diane Holmes

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